Wheel pants

Initially we had purchased the wheel pants from Featherlite, but ultimately decided we liked the look of the shorter pants created by building them from the traveling molds that circulate the Cozy Builders list.

For much of our construction time, our daughter Ella was too young to really be able to help much.  She eventually got to assist with running electrical wires, but she always had a curiosity about working with fiberglass.  When we started the wheel pants she was at the ripe old age of six and half (and she will NOT let you forget the half), and even more eager to learn about working with fiberglass.  We definitely wanted to teach her, but weren't sure she could do it yet without creating a huge mess.  Turns out she was pretty good at it, and really enjoyed it.  Talk about happy airplane building parents!

Building the wheel pants is pretty easy to begin with, and being a non-critical component, they were perfect for her to learn on.  The best part is that she'll be able to point to them later and proudly say she helped build them, and we certainly know how good it feels to be able to make a claim like that.