Flight #25                                       

Conducted 4/20/2013 -

John's flight report to the Cozy list is below:

"A couple of fellow canard drivers had planned on stopping by for a visit, so they arrived shortly after I finished confirming the cylinder was still attached to the engine and all the fluids were still contained inside the engine. OK, I might have looked a little more closely than that, but you get the idea.

We all went to lunch and had a great time talking shop. After they left I decided to see if I could get the first of my climb tests done. The winds had picked up a little, but my bigger concern was that it would likely be a bit choppy. I was correct. Below about 6k feet it was pretty choppy. I was able to hold airspeed just fine, but it was pretty apparent that the climb rate data might be skewed by the thermals. I spent some time yesterday trying to curve fit the data from the logs, but eventually decided to just chock the flight up to play time."