Flight #10                                       

Conducted 10/21/2012 -

While 8 Kts off was closer than the 15-20kts off it still wasn't acceptable to us.  We heeded the advice of a few folks from the builders list who reminded us that the plans rarely steer you wrong.  Being the clouds had cut our test flight short, we had plenty of time to correct it.  We returned to the airport the next morning and were able to try once again to successfully complete test card 6.

John's flight report is below:

"So the clouds that abruptly ended my test flight yesterday finally relented early this morning, and I had a chance to once again run through test card 6 to check the ASI calibration with the new (plans style) static port. It will come as no surprise to some, that the plans static port now has my ASI reading within 1KT from 80KIAS to 120KIAS. At 140KIAS the error doubles to a whopping 2Kts. I ran out of time to test above 140, but by the time I had gotten this far, the winds had come up to 14Kts. It was mostly down the runway, and only a little gusty, so it was a good expansion into slightly windier conditions. I held (a now honest) 85KIAS, and being it was a decent headwind, had no trouble setting it down to make the 2nd taxiway."

Some ground footage from Flight 10: