Chapter 16 - Control System
Start: 08/09/08
Finish: 08/29/08
Total Time: 51 Hours

A few hours into this chapter we found that we had forgotten a few parts in our initial order with CG Products. After resolving the parts issue, we started working on installing the aileron torque tubes and bearing blocks. We used the CG Products ball bearings in place of the Phenolic bushings and Bronze bushings called out in the plans.

The process of fabricating and installing the control system, is fairly straight forward, but still requires attention to detail. First we used hot glue to hold the bearing blocks in place, then trial fit the aileron torque tubes. Once we were certain we had everything perfect, we floxed and glassed the bearing blocks in place and reassembled the torque tubes. One thing of important note regarding the torque tubes is that if you use the bellcranks provided by CGProducts the holes in the bellcrank are AN3. All rod end hardware has been changed to MM4. MM4 rod ends have a 1/4-28 thread shank and an AN4 pivot hole. You will need to order Aurora XM3 Rod ends which have a 1/4-28 thread shank and an AN3 pivot hole. Drilling the CGProducts bellcranks to AN4 will not provide enough material left on the bellcrank.

Next we installed the pitch control pushrods, and then the electrical conduits. In order to facilitate an easier install of wiring, we also ran a chaser string through the conduit before we forget and install the armrests. With the electrical conduit installed, we could then run the rudder cable conduits, and the brake lines. We floxed and BID taped them all into place.

The last step had to wait until we had the wings mounted to the airframe. We mounted the rudder cable brackets to the firewall, installed the rudder cable ends and installed quick disconnects under the cowling.